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Fountain Head II is an Architectural & Renewable Energy Design Consultancy Firm committed to provide Sustainable and Energy Efficient designs & consultation, in its endeavor to abate Climate Change. Since its inception, Fountain Head II has been pursuing unique and innovative processes to achieve socially responsible solutions to Sustainable Development Goals as mandated by the United Nations.

In 2005 Fountain Head II, merged a wealth of experience and skill from its partner concern OYETA (Founded: 1992) to form into a Consortium, named Fountain Head-II Clean Tech India; that has earned a modest but firm reputation as a specialized Smart Building Consultancy.

Fountain Head-II’s “consortium” is an active network of similar, synergistic and complementary organizations engaged in the building industry sector, with active channels that share specialized infrastructure and services. For building Climate Resilient Cities of the Future. This provides the firm with an unique competitive strength to nurture networks to promote innovation in energy efficient building systems, designs and best practices, for business development, business-to-business synergy and workforce development, eliminate gaps between the supply and demand for skilled workers and enhance the economic, technological and commercial competitiveness to provide a superlative solution to the client in all aspect of the project boundary. Especially in the area of Green Buildings and Renewable Energy Solutions for Smart City or Energy Efficient Building (EEB) design. With the unparallel success of UNFCCC’s CoP 21 in Paris, in December 2015. Climate Change as a science has at last been politically accepted by 185 Nations of the World.

This brings into sharp focus the mandated need to keep the Global temperatures below 2°Centigrade. With the temperatures already creeping up the zero mark to 0.7 degrees, the devastating consequences are already manifest for the World to see, in the form of unprecedented Rainfall and Droughts, coupled with increase in intensity and frequency of Cyclones, Glacier Melts and Forest Fires.

Studies show that minimizing temperature rises to 2.7ºF (1.5ºC) could minimize global GDP loss by $50 trillion compared to a rise of 8.1ºF (4.5ºC) in the coming decades. Big business has been especially keen on highlighting the potential damage to suggest that climate change will slow economic growth.

Big companies have traditionally favoured baking the Earth for profits. But now many Industries including India's largest private companies, have joined many other global peers in taking significant actions to reduce their GHG footprint, with combined GHG emissions from their operations reducing by around 20% over the past 10 years.

It is but natural that all industrial sectors and players would therefore; need to work towards a sustainable development plan. And many amongst them would require some amount of hand holding to reach there.

For the last 15 years, Fountain Head-II has been enhancing its skill in this very space to provide with the actual solutions which would be required to overcome the challenges a business or industry would face in its transition to a greener and sustainable economy. We provide a design/consultancy based solution with prudent use of technology and product to arrive at a superlative solution within acceptable cost parameters.

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Client Testimonials
  • Pittie Kourtyard Located in Kharadi, Pune. It’s a Green building, ensuring minimum damage to the environment, incorporating rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plant and increasing energy efficiency.

  • ABBA’s 5th Avenue Located in Trissur, Kerela. It’s a 20 Villas in 2.55 acres of land - Eco-design & construction incorporating Passive Cooling Techniques, Rain Water Harvesting, Solar PV Back-up, Solar Hot Water System and increasing energy efficiency.

  • ZED Earth Is a collection of Luxury Villas set on an expanse of 25 acres in a premium location Doddaballapur Main Road, Banglore With just 6 homes to an acre, ZED Earth relies very little on the grid for energy, ZERO dependence on water and waste management, making it self-sufficient. It is the only Indian property to feature on BBC Horizons on the ecocities of the world.